Living on the Ranch

CrossRoads RanchThere is something to be learned from paying attention to the rhythms of life on a ranch. Over a year go we received a donation of a horse and and nearly a dozen chickens. Feeding, watering, and most importantly shoveling the horse manure has taught me to slow down in every other area of my life as well.

In the past year I have taken greater notice of the seasons. In Southern California, we barely have seasons. However, if you like one can “visit” the snow. Last year at this time I was loose in the environs of greater Phoenix, Arizona where “hot” has a very real meaning.

That adrenalized adventure caused me to look at the “seasons” of my own life. I think it is official. I am a senior citizen. I have senior moments. When I hear Frank Sinatra sing, “When I was 17, it was a very good year…,” I can relate. I have begun to notice the differences between how things were, and how things are and I have begun to wish I hadn’t “rushed” through those early years.

Living on the ranch has helped me to learn how to slow down, and let some peace leak into my daily existence. Even shoveling manure becomes an exercise in “peacefulness.” So that is my prayer this morning, “May the peace that passes understanding guard our hearts and fill our lives.”

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